PUR Binding

PUR Binding UK


PUR Binding – This is an extra strong and cost-effective way of binding using polyurethane reactive (PUR) glue that’s suitable for heavier papers and high-use and long-life items. The glue’s super-strong and isn’t affected by printing inks, varnishes or coatings. As with perfect binding, we mill off the spine edge of the text pages, apply […]

Frame Sewing

Frame Sewing in our Hand Bindery


Frame Sewing – Take a look inside our hand bindery at our video demonstrating the traditional art of Frame Sewing FF Allsopp & Co Ltd Bookbinders – We’re bookbinding and finishing specialists with a history that goes right back to 1901. We produce high-quality products – fast, efficiently and at the right price – by combining modern technology […]

Müller Martini Star Plus Binding

Müller Martini Star Plus Binder – FF Allsopp & Co Ltd Bookbinders


Müller Martini Star Plus Binder – sounds a little bit like a cocktail! But this binder offers the following… PERFECT BINDING – up to15 sections at run speeds of up to 12,000 per hour across two machines. This is the most cost-effective way of binding with adhesive. It’s suitable for most items and produces an […]