This is how hard backed books are produced, whether the case is made of printed paper, cloth or finest leather. Whichever you choose, Case Binding is the most durable and high quality binding available.

Our artisan bookbinders each have decades of case binding experience and outstanding expertise in this specialist field and use high quality, modern and traditional equipment. Our comprehensive service offers you pocket-diary size books right up to A3 coffee table books with slipcases, and one-off copies and repair binding all the way up to full-scale print runs. We’ll always guide you on your individual project from concept to completion so get in touch for advice and prices.

Book Repairs

At Allsopp’s we have a deep understanding of how to respectfully repair damaged books and return them to a beautifully finished, usable state to preserve them for future generations.

We offer a wide range of different book repair binding styles and materials including cloth and leather, to ensure your book is in keeping with its original period. We will advise you on how to ensure a long-lasting repair and can also repair slipcases and boxes. Where possible we try and preserve the original materials including the spine and boards but we can make copies should this be necessary. We have extensive experience of this type of work from repairing valuable old family bibles to treasured old books some of which date back decades.

Foil Blocking

We can personalise book products with names or other details such as a crest or company logo by applying a metallic foil.

Heat is used to transfer the foil from the special film-backed material to the surface of the book cover using a hot foil blocking die or brass type. Traditionally the foil is gold or silver, however we do offer other colours and finishes including matt, gloss, opaque and clear. For medium to high volume jobs we use a Semi Automatic PBE Foil Blocking Machine and for smaller runs a hand operated blocking machine. This kind of hot foil printing is a great way create a truly bespoke product.