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PUR Binding…What is it?


PUR Binding…What is it?

PUR Binding is an extra strong and cost-effective way of binding using polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesives.

PUR Binding is suitable for heavier papers and high-use and long-life items. It also allows the ability for the bound book to lay flat without compromising the binding strength.

The glue is super-strong and isn’t affected by printing inks, varnishes or coatings. The polar nature of polyurethane molecule allows it to adhere to UV-cured coatings, films, as well as to traditional uncoated and clay-coated papers.

Due to PUR Binding using small amounts of adhesive it also means that you can achieve a square spine on even the thinnest of books. Durable and flexible, once the glue has set, it is almost impossible to tear a page out of a PUR-bound book.

PUR adhesive is also much more suited to withstanding temperature extremes without glue failure.

As with Perfect Binding, with PUR Binding we mill off the spine edge of the text pages, apply a layer of adhesive, wrap the cover round it and then trim the book to size.

In-line binding using our Müller Martini ‘Star Plus’ Binder offers you up to 15 sections at run speeds of up to 7,000 books per hour – all at a competitive price. For thicker publications, we also have an 18 station off-line gathering machine and a hand feeder station.

We have over 100 years of Bookbinding Heritage and offer a wide range of professional bookbinding and print finishing services to the trade and individuals.

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