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PUR Binding – This is an extra strong and cost-effective way of binding using polyurethane reactive (PUR) glue that’s suitable for heavier papers and high-use and long-life items. The glue’s super-strong and isn’t affected by printing inks, varnishes or coatings. As with perfect binding, we mill off the spine edge of the text pages, apply a layer of adhesive, wrap the cover round it and then trim the book to size.

Our in-line binding offers you up to 15 sections at run speeds of up to 7,000 books per hour – all at a competitive price. For thicker publications, we also have an 18 station off-line gathering machine and a hand feeder station.

PUR binding is produced on Muller Martini ‘Star Plus’ Binder, with ‘ASIR /ASAC’ digital signature recognition, in-line trimming and packing. Why not take a look at our Muller Martini in action.

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